Common Symptoms

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  • Depression effects everyone differently. It often looks like sadness, fatigue or a sense of meaninglessness but it could simply look like irritation. When did you first start feeling this way, is it pervasive, does it come and go? Are you avoiding thoughts or have unresolved issues that haven’t gone away. Sometimes it seems like there […]

  • Anxiety can feel like tension, hyper-awareness, living in fast forward, or being dissociated or not present. Anxiety is often long standing and could seem irrational. People with anxiety often mask how they are feeling internally because they have adopted a way to cope with it. Sometimes anxiety is related to a trauma (small or big), […]

  • I support treatment programs such as 12 steps and other group or outpatient care but often times those programs do not get to the root of the issue. What causes you to use? How do social situations or the way you think about yourself affect your usage? Addiction will need a really huge change in […]

  • I love working with couples. It’s often the most rewarding work. How we relate to people is learned, conscious and unconsciously, and people often find there are patterns to their behavior in their relationships. Do you shut down, do you blow up, do you easily get your feelings hurt or feel resentful? Although relational issues […]