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  • Children Children process feelings through play. Unlike adults who process feelings or strong emotional experiences through talk therapy (and other modalities), the most effective therapy with children is through art and play. An example of what this looks like is, let’s say the child is struggling with anxiety; we might use a doll house with […]

  • Couples work is very interactive. We will be considering how your early childhood experiences and relationships (such as relationship to parents, or how your parents related to each other) affect your current relationships. We will explore patterns and dynamics you create unconsciously. We will identity what you project onto your partner, what your needs are, […]

  • Such great work can happen when the whole family gets involved. As we know individuals within a family are not solely responsible for dysfunction, the individual is often the symptom of a problem within the system or family. When families come to therapy it is a good sign that they are seeking deep change. We […]

  • I especially love working with teens and young adults who suffer with anxiety, panic, or trauma. Often these clients have self-harming behaviors (eating disorders, cutting or hurting themselves, addictions and/or suicidal ideation). I enjoy helping clients and families of clients through crisis situations, and otherwise very challenging situations. I have experience and extensive training in […]